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Submission on changes to the immigration Act

Joint CCL Submission to PJCIS on data retention

Raid on Journalist’s home another attack on transparency and denial of accountability by LNP

Brisbane Council wants to listen to your conversations. How safe does that make you feel?

Submission to QLRC on surveillance laws in Queensland


Joint Councile for Civil Liberties submission-passports amendment

Preventative Detention Legislation Review

Are councils ignoring the Privacy Act in putting AI cameras into public spaces?

Joint submission with NSWCCL on new anti-terror laws

Joint submission on anti-terrorism powers

ACCL Anti Terrorism Bill Critique TOG 4Nov05

Letter NAC 21May13 TonyAbbott

Letter NAC 21May13 PMJuliaGillard

Media ACCL15June06 Sheller Report Welcomed

Ltr PA 2July08 Paper From AntiTerror Forum

LETTR PA 19July07 Keim SC

MEDIA ACCL 21Oct05 Anti Terrorism Bill Refinements

Media ACCL 18Jan02 Attorney General And David Hicks

MEDIA ACCL 28April02 ASIO Laws Alarmingly Draconian

Media ACCL 3Nov02 ASIO Raids Questioned

MEDIA ACCL 6June02 PIM Needed ASIO Detentions

MEDIA ACCL 3Nov05 Call For Release Of Anti Terrorism Bill

MEDIA ACCL 4Nov05 Anti Terrorism Bill Slated

Media MC 18April07 Qld AntiTerror Legislation

Media MC 10July07 Haneef Detention Concern

MEDIA ACCL 4June04 Terrorist Bail Laws Criticised

Speech AI Bne 2July08 Anti Terrorism Forum

Sub Lord Hoffman 2004 Terrorism Leading Case

SUB MC 8Nov05 Backbenchers Re Anti Terrorism Bill

Sub PA 28Feb07 Qld Terrorism Amend Bill 2007

Counter Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Bill Press Release.

Joint Submission – Foreign Fighters Bill

Citizenship Submission

BEAQ Speech

Access To Licence Photos – Letter To Minister

Access To Licence Photos Press Release

Joint Statement On Citizenship Bill

Testing Time For PM On Civil Liberties

Citizenship Stripping Wrong In Principle And Wont Make Us Safer

Joint CCls Submission On 5th Tranche Of Anti Terror Laws