Child Protection

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Youth bail laws need fixing – now

Structural review of children in detention needed.

Brisbane Council wants to listen to your conversations. How safe does that make you feel?

Dutton sex offender registration press release and discussion paper

Prohibition has failed – Time for a new approach to the drugs problem.

The right to silence

QCCL questions police integrity over death of 13 yr old Jordan Rice

QCCL decries elements of reverse onus of proof in DV bail applications

Joint submission with NSWCCL on new anti-terror laws

Aurukin Child Case 14Dec07

Lettr MC 14Feb10 NonTher SterilisationMinors

Letter MC 23Sep10 Children In Prisons

ACCL Child Protection Screening TOG 14Aug98

Lettr MC 17Mar10 NonSterilisation Minors

MEDIA ACCL 19Sept02 Scott Volkers Case

Media IFD 21Jan04 Youth Curfews Rejected

MEDIA ACCL 18Aug04 Blue Card Proposals Draconian

Media MC 22Aug07 Haneef Decision Welcomed

Media ACCL 21Aug02 Archbishop Pell Child Sex Allegations

Media TOG 13Nov07 Sex Offenders

Media MC 25Sept07 40 Years

Media TOG 15April99 Child Evidence In Criminal Cases

Media TOG 11May04 School Bus Drivers

MEDIA TOG 10Mar02 Doubled Paedophile Sentences Unjustified

Media TOG 15Nov07 Child Protection Bill

Media TOG 3July00 Support For Child Witness Reforms

Media TOG 27Sept06 Paedophile Announcement

Media TOG 20July99 Remove Power To Publish Paedophile Addresses

Media TOG 3Aug10 Changes PaedophileLaw MandatorySentencing

Media TOG 5Nov02 Police Agents Provocateur Internet

Sub IFD 10Feb99 Childrens Services Appeals Tribunals Act 1996

Sub IFD 26Oct98 Child Protection Bill 1998

Discussion Paper On Dangerous Offenders And Sex Offender Notification Laws