Drug Policy

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Pill testing and Roadside drug tests – Mick Palmer’s view

Alex Wodak – press release regarding pill testing

Human Rights Act for Qld passed at last

Medical Cannabis Law – More action needed

Submission to Queensland parliament in medicinal cannabis

Prisons crowding is only part of the problem. Media release.

Prohibition has failed – Time for a new approach to the drugs problem.

May 2017 Newsletter

Community & Aboriginal Legal Sector funding reinstatement

Second supplementary submission on medicinal cannabis – John Ransley

Supplementary submission on medicinal cannabis bill 2016 – John Ransley

QCCL Submission on Medicinal Cannabis Bill July 2016

Medicinal Cannabis Media Release October 13, 2016

Letter To Qld Heath Re Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2

Injecting Room Seminar Flyer 11Aug2011

Media ACCL 3Jan01 Tougher Penalties For Drug Dealing Simplistic

Media ADLRF 16Nov09 Drug Legalisation Model

Media AW 11Aug11 Does Bne Need MSIC

Media BMcC 13Sept07 Drug Report Disaster

Drug Policy Tools For The Debate

Media CJS 29Oct09 Alcohol More Dangerous

Media MC 2Aug11 Bne Injecting Room Debate

Media TOG 5Jul00 Mindless Mandatory Sentencing Path

Media PRISM 5Apr12 PsychedelicRes Medicines

QCCL Submission SDC Cannabis Inquiry 30April 2010

Sub AlexWodak 22April10 Cannabis Inquiry

Sub AS 1Feb13 ChildExploitationDrugsAmendmentBill

Regulator MedCannabis Bill Explanatory Memo 2014

Regulator Medicinal Cannabis Bill QCCL Statement 1April15

Media MC 11Aug15 Regulator Medicinal Cannabis Senate Rpt

Media MC 12Aug15 Legalise Medicinal Cannabis Now

Prof David Nutt CCJS Oct09 Estimating Drug Harms

QCCL Sub JER 18Mar15 Regulator Of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014

QCCL Sub JER 30April10 Qld Parliament Cannabis Inquiry

Qld Parliament Cannabis Inquiry Report Nov2010

Submission JE Ransley Oct93 Cannabis Law In Queensland

Medicinal Cannabis Bill Forum JohnJiggens 16Aug15

Medicinal Cannabis Bill Forum BelindaDoonar 16Aug15

Media – Medicinal Cannabis Forum Dr Katelaris 17Oct15

Medicinal Cannabis Forum 17Oct15 Flyer

Medicinal Cannabis Forum JJ 17Oct15

MEDIA Medicinal Cannabis Breakthrough 14Oct15


Letter To Paul Lucas Re Random Drug Testing