Human Rights

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New police powers relating to protests

Peaceful Assembly Act Works fine

Submission on changes to the immigration Act

Joint CCL Submission to PJCIS on data retention

Raid on Journalist’s home another attack on transparency and denial of accountability by LNP

Structural review of children in detention needed.

The right to have an opinion and express it- Israel Folau and NRL human rights.

Brisbane Council wants to listen to your conversations. How safe does that make you feel?

Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper submission to the AHRC by Angus Murray

Human Rights Act for Qld passed at last

Submission to QLRC on surveillance laws in Queensland

Medical Cannabis Law – More action needed


Submission to Queensland parliament in medicinal cannabis

Dutton sex offender registration press release and discussion paper

Leavers not responsible for policy setting.

Prisons crowding is only part of the problem. Media release.

Media release on tracked prisoners and rehab situation in Queensland

Submission on human rights Act by Matt Foley

Submission on births deaths and marriages

Joint Councile for Civil Liberties submission-passports amendment

Our position on MyHealthRecord

May 2017 Newsletter

The right to silence

Community & Aboriginal Legal Sector funding reinstatement

Are councils ignoring the Privacy Act in putting AI cameras into public spaces?

QCCL & Privacy commissioner rail against Moreton Bay Council’s illegal surveillance system

Letter to joint parliamentary committee re section 18c

QCCL applauds a new promise of a Human Rights act for Qld.

Joint submission with NSWCCL on new anti-terror laws

Medicinal Cannabis Media Release October 13, 2016

QCCL expresses its support for Community Legal Centres

Qld needs to catch up with other states on abortion law

Queensland again proves incapable of grasping changing face of the law

Letter in support of Privacy Foundation

Submission on abortion law reform

Professor Gillian Triggs to deliver the second Derek Fielding memorial oration.

QCCL – Changes to “bikie laws” flies in the face of Wilson Enquiry findings.

Review of the CCC – Police investigating police

Submission on civil partnerships bill 2015

Joint submission on anti-terrorism powers

Michael Cope’s speech to the Humanist Society Conference

Government drops the ball on Human Rights Act

MEDIA ACCL 3Mar04 ACT Human Rights Act Concern

Media ACCL 30Aug00 Shunning Of UN Human Rights Committees Criticised

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Sub MC 13July10 Inquiry Human Rights

Sub MC 15June09 National Human Rights Inquiry

Sub MC 7Nov11 RightToInformationBill

Sub MC 7April09 Right To Information Bill

Sub MC 9Mar11 Censorship

Email To Human Rights Policy Branch

Human Rights Act – Government Must Implement ALP Conference Motions

Traditional Freedoms Inquiry – Joint CCLs Submission