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New police powers relating to protests

Peaceful Assembly Act Works fine

Queensland’s CCC capacity to investigate police needs work – Now..

Pill testing and Roadside drug tests – Mick Palmer’s view

Youth bail laws need fixing – now

Submission to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.

Structural review of children in detention needed.

Submission to QLRC on surveillance laws in Queensland

Medical Cannabis Law – More action needed

Dutton sex offender registration press release and discussion paper

Leavers not responsible for policy setting.

QCCL questions harvesting of Facebook data at Commonwealth Games in breach of the Privacy Act

Prohibition has failed – Time for a new approach to the drugs problem.

The right to silence

QCCL questions police integrity over death of 13 yr old Jordan Rice

Are councils ignoring the Privacy Act in putting AI cameras into public spaces?

QCCL & Privacy commissioner rail against Moreton Bay Council’s illegal surveillance system

Queensland again proves incapable of grasping changing face of the law

QCCL – Changes to “bikie laws” flies in the face of Wilson Enquiry findings.

Review of the CCC – Police investigating police

QCCL reacts to CCC decision not to charge violent cop with history of violence

Letter To Minister For Police – 12

Letter MC 6May11 CommPolice MotorbikeClub Interception

LETTER TOG 8Mar07 Stun Guns

G20 Public Forum 26Sep2013

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Police Move On Powers Fact Sheet

OGorman Calls On Police To Sit Down And Shut Up