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Raid on Journalist’s home another attack on transparency and denial of accountability by LNP

Brisbane Council wants to listen to your conversations. How safe does that make you feel?

Human Rights Act for Qld passed at last

Submission to QLRC on surveillance laws in Queensland

QCCL questions harvesting of Facebook data at Commonwealth Games in breach of the Privacy Act

Newsletter September 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

The right to silence

Are councils ignoring the Privacy Act in putting AI cameras into public spaces?

QCCL & Privacy commissioner rail against Moreton Bay Council’s illegal surveillance system

QCCL decries elements of reverse onus of proof in DV bail applications

Letter to joint parliamentary committee re section 18c

QCCL applauds a new promise of a Human Rights act for Qld.

QCCL expresses its support for Community Legal Centres

Letter in support of Privacy Foundation

Submission on abortion law reform

Bank argument on data breach needs to be rejected

Review of the CCC – Police investigating police

Submission on civil partnerships bill 2015

Submission On Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws

25th Int Privacy Conf Sept03

ACCL SA 9Mar06 Telecommunications Interception

ACCL Access Card Taskforce TOG 31July06

Letter MC 1Nov10 Telecom Interception

Letter MC 16Mar10 Airport BodyScanning

ACCL Telecommunications Amendment Bill 1999 TOG 26April00

Letter MC 20Jan10 BodyScan Airports

Letter MC 3Dec09 ID Scanning PubsClubs

Letter MC 1Sept10 LocalGovt CCTV Privacy

Letter MC 5Aug13 QPS Re ANPR

Letter MC 7July09 New Medicare Card

Letter Privacy Commissioner 17Dec09 ID Scanning

Lettr MC 2Aug11 StuartReece Medicare Powers

Ltr MC 1Oct08 Airport Security Images

Lettr MC 14Mar08 Premier Qld Licenc

Ltr MC 27Nov08 Smartcard Legislation

Lettr MC 28Oct11 Premier CityNorth

Ltr MC 3Dec08 Mandatory ISP Filtering

MEDIA ACCL 12Feb02 Parliamentary Inquiry Into DSD Spying

MEDIA ACCL 13Feb02 Greater Parliamentary Scrutiny DSD

MEDIA ACCL 15June03 ASIO Bill Attack On Civil Liberties

Media MC 15Oct06 Sniffer Dog Raids

Media ACCL 7Jul99 Control Strip Searching In Watchouses

Media ACCL 2Dec09 Spy Drones Qld Drivers

Media ACCL 26June01 Trampling Of ATSIC Civil Rights Attacked

Media MC 16Dec09 ISP Filter

Media MC 18July05 National ID Card Power Grab

Media MC 24Nov09 ID Scanning

Media MC 24Nov10 GoCard Privacy

Media MC 24Nov09 Licence Scanning

Media MC 31May12 WelcomeSenateRptScanners

Media MC 3April12 IpswichCC CCTV

Media MC 30Dec09 Airport Scans Rejected

Media MC 9Feb10 Body Scanners

Media MC 8Nov05 Covert Filming

Media PA 16June08 Privacy Statement

Media MC 8July09 Internet Filter

Media TOG 21Jan08 ANPR Access

Media TOG 6Dec00 Lax Police Security And Privacy Laws

Media TOG 21Jan04 Springborg Breached DVO

Media TOG 28Sept99 More Details Of Jurys Background Required

Media TOG 1July99 Paedophile Prisoners Need Psychiatric Reports

Media TOG 8Oct95 Case Highlights Necessity For Privacy Laws


Media TOG 7May10 Forensic Officer DNA

Newsletter Winter 2000 (PDF)

Newsletter QCCL Nov07

Newsletter QCCL April06

Newsletter QCCL Aug06

Newsletter QCCL Mar04

QCCL Internet Privacy Flyer 18April12

Newsletter QCCL June05

QCCL Newsletter April 2011

QCCL Newsletter 19Sept2013

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QCCL Privacy Seminar Flyer Mar2011

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SPEECH AGM CarolineDeCosta 5Oct10 Abortion Law Reform

QCCL Newsletter Oct2011

Speech BH 12Nov99 Human Rights Another Look At Abortion

Speech IFD 27July99 Privacy Vs Freedom Of Speech

Speech GaryMahon 13Jul04 Qld Smartcard

Speech IFD 13Jul04 Qld Smartcard Licence

Speech IFD 5Jun04 Privacy Principles And Health

Speech JM 13Jul04 Qld Smartcard Driver Licence

Speech PA 18Mar08 Is Nothing Private

Speech MC 7May05 State Of Human Rights Australia

Speech RH 26Oct06 As If Children Mattered

Speech SK 20Jul87 Rights And Liberties

Speech TOG 10July94 Local Govt Safety

Speech WR 15June99 Drugs In Perspective

Speech TOG 1Sept05 National ID Card Debate

Sub IFD 26Nov03 New Qld Driver Licence

Sub IFD 13Dec03 New Qld Driver Licence

Sub AS 25Mar13 SilentNumbers

Sub IFD 9Oct98 Criminal Offence Victims Act 1995

Sub JER 4Oct93 Cannabis And Law In Queensland

SUB MC 10July07 Telecom Interception Bill

Sub MC 12Jan07 Access Card Bill

Sub MC 10May06 Disability Services Bill

Sub MC-30Sept11 PIARpt BodyScanners Response

Sub MC 17June07 Identity Theft

Sub MC 16Nov05 Newborn Screening

Sub MC 12Aug05 Security Cameras Taxis

Sub MC 14Aug09 Health Care ID

Sub MC 18Mar13 BroadcastingLegislationEnquiry

Sub MC 1Oct10 CCTV QldBuses

Sub MC 23Jan08 ANPR Inquiry

Sub MC 28May99 Freedom Of Information Act 1992

Sub MC 3July07 Workplace Privacy

Sub MC 2Feb09 CCTV On Buses

Sub MC 29Jan07 ALRC Privacy Issues Paper

Sub MC 3Nov11 Privacy Cause Action

Sub MC 8April09 Information Privacy Bill

Sub MC 9Sept08 Great Barrier Reef Legislation

Sub PA 1Jan06 New Defamation Laws

Sub PA 1Nov93 Cannabis Law In Queensland

Sub TOG 11Nov11 BikiesBill CrimOrg

Sub TOG 13Nov96 Commission Of Inquiry Into CJC

Sub TOG 13Nov97 Police Powers And Responsibilities Bill

Sub TOG 22Sep04 Qld Phone Taps And PIM

Sub TOG 11Nov11 CrimOrgAmendmentBill

Sub TOG 24April06 Police Powers Responsibilities Bill

Sub TOG 27Jan98 Sex Offenders

Sub TOG 4Feb00 Women And The Criminal Code

Sub WR 28Nov97 Two Different Models For Prisons

Sub TOG 9Feb98 Police Responsibilities Code

Access To Licence Photos – Letter To Minister