Submissions On Acts Of Parliament

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Press freedom submission

Submission on Agriculture & other legislation amendment bill

Submission on changes to the immigration Act

Joint CCL Submission to PJCIS on data retention

Submission to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.

Submission to parliamentary inquiry into euthanasia

Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper submission to the AHRC by Angus Murray

Submission to QLRC on surveillance laws in Queensland

Submission to Queensland parliament in medicinal cannabis

Dutton sex offender registration press release and discussion paper

Media release on tracked prisoners and rehab situation in Queensland

Submission on human rights Act by Matt Foley

Joint CCLs Submission on Commonwealth Foreign Donations

Main Roads Submission January 2018

Join CCLs PJCIS Statutory Review (Stop Search)

Join CCLs PJCIS Statutory Review (Declared Areas)

The right to silence

QCCL applauds proposed changes to QLD parole & rehabilitation funding

Letter to joint parliamentary committee re section 18c

Second supplementary submission on medicinal cannabis – John Ransley

Supplementary submission on medicinal cannabis bill 2016 – John Ransley

Joint submission with NSWCCL on new anti-terror laws

Queensland again proves incapable of grasping changing face of the law

Letter in support of Privacy Foundation

Submission on abortion law reform

QCCL – Changes to “bikie laws” flies in the face of Wilson Enquiry findings.

Bank argument on data breach needs to be rejected

Review of the CCC – Police investigating police

Submission on civil partnerships bill 2015

Joint submission on anti-terrorism powers

Government drops the ball on Human Rights Act

MEDIA ACCL 7Nov03 Hanson And Appeal Bail Law

Media MC 31Mar06 FOI Bundaberg

Media TOG 31Jan01 Minimum Sentences For Home Invasions Attacked

Sub IFD 28Nov02 Discrimination Law Bill 2002

Submission : Marriage Equality

ACCL Defence Amendment Bill 2000 TOG 27July00

ACCL ASIO Amendment Bill 1999 TOG 30April99

Letter MC 13Nov09 Qld Pilot Welfare Benefits

Letter MC 11Nov09 Access Welfare Benefits

Letr TOG 6Jun08 Licensed Premises ID

Lett TOG 28Jan10 SternHu

Letter MC 28Oct11 RightToInformation Act

Lett Premier 13Mar08 Abortion Reply

Media MC 26Oct11 Civil Partnerships Bill

Media MC 20Nov06 Double Jeopardy


Media MC 19May06 Disenfranchised Voters

Media MC 26July11 School Chaplainancy

Media IFD 1Dec91 Major Flaws In Anti Discrimination Bill

Media TOG 1Mar09 Juvenile Offenders

Media NAVA Sedition Must Go 21Sep06

Media MC 4Dec06 Dangerous Offenders

Media TOG 1Feb00 Attorney General Should Stop MAKO Leafletting

Media MC 6Sept06 FOI Conclusive Certificates

Media NAVA 29Nov05 Arts Sector Vs Sedition Clause

Media TOG 22Dec99 Qld Rape Acquittals Due Filtering

Media TOG 1May12 MandatoryFirearmSentences

Sub MC 10Aug11 Domestic Violence Legislation

SUB Qld Anti Terrorism Bill QBA QLS 25Nov05

Sub MC 2Dec13 PenaltiesSentencesAmendBill 2013

Sub TOG 22Oct09 Criminal Organisation Bill

Letter To Minister For Housing & Public Works

Email To Legal And Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee

Justice And Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 Submission

Queensland Electoral Redistribution Submission

Criminal Organisation Act Review Submission

Criminal Organisation Bill 2009 Submission

Submission To Taskforce On Organised Crime Legislation

Access To Licence Photos – Letter To Minister