The Courts

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Peaceful Assembly Act Works fine

Queensland’s CCC capacity to investigate police needs work – Now..

Youth bail laws need fixing – now

Submission to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.

Structural review of children in detention needed.

Dutton sex offender registration press release and discussion paper

Prisons crowding is only part of the problem. Media release.

Media release on tracked prisoners and rehab situation in Queensland

Prohibition has failed – Time for a new approach to the drugs problem.

Michael Cope’s speech to Griffith Uni on homicide

The right to silence

QCCL questions police integrity over death of 13 yr old Jordan Rice

QCCL applauds proposed changes to QLD parole & rehabilitation funding

QCCL decries elements of reverse onus of proof in DV bail applications

QCCL expresses its support for Community Legal Centres

Queensland again proves incapable of grasping changing face of the law

Letter MC 1Oct10 Forensic Disability Paper

Lettr MC 1Sept06 AG Re IFDearden

LETTER MC 23April07 Double Jeopardy

Letter TOG 29July09 Premier Bligh No Consultation

Lettr MC 30Aug11 DepPrem UCPFees

Media ACCL 14Dec00 Questions About Kalejis Extradition

Media ACCL 7Nov03 Pauline Hanson And Appeal Bail

Media ACCL 11Feb00 NT Mandatory Sentencing Laws Futile And Stupid

Media MC 1Jan06 Qld FOI Rort

MEDIA ACCL 4Sept02 Publication Undermines Right To Fair Trial

Media TOG 15Mar13 CriminalHistoriesMiscarriagesJustice

Media MC 5May06 Drop Nudist Charges

Media TOG 15Dec00 Call To Appoint Julie Dick Replacement

Media TOG 12Dec02 Political Pressure On Judges

Media TOG 18Mar09 Mandatory Sentencing

Media TOG 15Mar13 GreenLightSecretEvidenceRegime

Media TOG 24Feb10 Court Of Appeal

Media TOG 19Dec00 Julie Dick Appointment Welcomed

Media TOG 27Aug12 PatelMisTrial

Media TOG 31Jan01 Minimum Sentences For Home Invasions Attacked

Sub IFD 28Nov02 Discrimination Law Bill 2002

Sub IFD 28June96 Juvenile Justice Bill 1996